Why Us?

With an enormous amount of different electronic cigarette brands available, why International Vapor Group? Because while there may be many, few can compare to what IVG offers. With a profound level of expertise, passion for tobacco alternatives, solid business acumen, and resources, IVG has an exceptional foundation in creating great products and marketing them correctly.

We Are Industry Pioneers

We have been involved in the electronic cigarette marketplace since the earliest days, and have been fundamental in the evolution of e-cig technology. We are always in the process of improving and expanding on our current model, seeking to design and manufacture the very best products.

Highly Capable

The upcoming industry growth years will be crucial, and our management team is positioned precisely to handle it. Being well capitalized, having the business know-how, and the experience to execute, IVG is ready for the future.

Customer Service

Satisfying our customers is the underlying meaning of what we do. Customer Service is so much more than a department of our company; it’s an engrained part of our core, and the single most important aspect to a successful business. Every person invested in this management team works to give our customers, vendors, and co-workers that “WOW” factor.


The people at International Vapor Group are passionate about e-cigarettes, and what these products are doing for the world. Everyone at IVG is passionate about helping people live better lives, and the immense positive impact that has come, and will continue to come, from electronic cigarettes.

Cutting Edge Research And Development

One of the key factors that set us apart from other electronic cigarette brands is Research & Development. We lead the industry in product innovation, and while we are expanding on the next big thing, others are just catching up.

State of the Manufacturing

International Vapor Group products are manufactured at the highest level of standards, using Nicotine Smoke Juice that is made in the USA. Our state of the art factories are located in both the USA and China, and they undergo strict, routine audits by independent companies to uphold these high standards. We are steadfast about maintaining 100% compliance in the following (but not exclusively limited to) areas:

  • Safe Working Conditions for Our Workers
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Product Quality
  • Product Safety

VaporFi, one of our most profound concepts, is an online hub followed by a slew of retail locations. We’ve created the VaporFi brand to be one of the most well-rounded sources for a wide range of vapers. The company stands out for its attention to higher standards and better made products, which is the result of taking e-cigarette and e-liquid manufacturing into our own hands and under our own brand, VaporFi.

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Direct Vapor is our cultivation of staying hip, trendy, and with the times. It is our latest online portal directed solely to the vaping community, by offering the latest in vapor technology, the best products on the market, as well as the largest selection. We’ve reinvented the world of vape retail with competitive incentives, such as free shipping with no minimums, a lowest price guarantee, a 60 day warranty, and 15 day returns.

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Motley Brew is our latest online addition catered to the e-liquid market, delivering a backstage pass to premium USA made e-liquids. We’ve created Motley Brew as a statement to let the good times roll and to live life satisfied, even if that means with fast cars, aged whiskey, and loud guitars. It’s our way of creating vapor better, more satisfying, and available through retail stores all around the good ol’ U.S. of A.

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South Beach Smoke, is our online retail store that catapulted our other brands. It remains to be one of the most trusted, respected, and highest rated electronic cigarette brands in the industry. It’s also the first e-cig invented to feature the award winning technology of the SuperMax Battery. South Beach Smoke; precision design, high performance features, and irresistibly satisfying e-liquid flavor that’s become the top choice for vapers all around the world.

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