Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

EverSmoke is revered for having exceptional products, and has an excellent selection of starter kits. They are perfect for making the switch to vapor, as they are fully equipped with everything for an enjoyable, complete e-cig experience. EverSmoke Starter Kits may include any, or all of the following depending on the starter kit package you choose:

  • 1 or 2 Lithium Ion Batteries
  • Wall Charging Adapter
  • USB Charger
  • Vehicle Charging Adapter
  • Flavor Cartridges, Available With or Without Nicotine
  • Carrying Case

Reusable Express Kits

EverSmoke's Reusable Express Kits are the most economical way to try out electronic cigarettes. They are smaller than our traditional starter kits, containing just the necessities you will need. All the products contained in them are top of the line, EverSmoke products, including our new SuperMAX™ Battery. Everything is packed in a flip-top box, similar to a pack of tobacco cigarettes. Reusable Express Kits include:

  • 1 Standard size SuperMAX™ Battery
  • 1 USB Charger
  • 1 Nicotine Cartridge (in Menthol or Tobacco Flavor, Equal to 1.5 Packs of Cigarettes)

Electronic Cigarette Disposables

EverSmoke Disposables are fantastic for 1st time e-cigarette users. They are the simplest, and most convenient electronic cigarettes, and they require no assembly or recharging. Each Disposable is equal to approximately 2 packs of traditional cigarettes, and they are ready for vaping straight from the package. Highly portable, and ready to use in an instant, they need no fire to light them, and no set up whatsoever.

  • Enjoy the Freedom of Smoking Anywhere!
  • Convenient 1-Piece Design
  • Equivalent to About 2 Packs of Traditional Cigarettes
  • No Recharging, Assembly, or Cartridges to Change
  • Perfect for Traveling

Electronic Cigarette Refill Cartridges

Refill cartridges are screwed onto the mouth end of the e-cigarette, and get discarded once used through. They contain USA-made nicotine juice, and an atomizer. Each cartridge is equal to about 1.5 to 2 traditional cigarette packs, however this also depends on the user’s smoking habits. EverSmoke Refill Cartridges are available in an impressive variety of flavors:

  • Classic Tobacco
  • Royal Tobacco
  • Golden Tobacco
  • Cool Menthol
  • Coffee Creation
  • Very Vanilla
  • Cherry Crush
  • Peppermint Party
  • Piña Colada
  • Peach Passion

Electronic Cigarette Accessories

EverSmoke offers a very inclusive selection of e-cigarette accessories and products to enhance your personal e-smoking use and experience. Our accessories include the following:

  • Standard-Size and Extra Capacity Batteries
  • Personal Charging Cases (PCC)
  • Carrying Cases
  • Portable Wall Chargers
  • USB Chargers
  • Power e-Cig Chargers
  • Car Chargers
  • E-Cigarette Lanyards

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South Beach Smoke, is our online retail store that catapulted our other brands. It remains to be one of the most trusted, respected, and highest rated electronic cigarette brands in the industry. It’s also the first e-cig invented to feature the award winning technology of the SuperMax Battery. South Beach Smoke; precision design, high performance features, and irresistibly satisfying e-liquid flavor that’s become the top choice for vapers all around the world.

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